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Monefy is a personal finance application that makes money management easy. The app is designed to streamline expense tracking and help you save money.
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It's all about you

If you have ever tried tracking money before, you know that it can be extremely frustrating with the wrong tools. Monefy helps and empowers you by breaking down your expenses in a simple, intuitive, and understandable way.

With Monefy, you'll quickly start to identify key spending patterns and effectively begin saving money.



Add records in a flash

Monefy simplifies the process for entering transactions to make it quick, easy, and painless.

Within a few seconds:

tap “-” or “+” at the bottom of the screen enter the amount tap on the category icon ... or even faster:

tap on any category icon around the chart enter the amount and hit “Add” Expense tracking has never been simpler!

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You're in full control

We have carefully curated the default categories to help you start tracking essential expenses right from the word “go.” No time-consuming setup process. No need to manually type in each category.

Still feeling the need for some customization? We got you covered. Easily change the default categories, add new ones, select the currency you want to use, and choose the most convenient language for you, all through Monefy’s intuitive interface.

lightning fast tracking

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